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3D Digital Experience Platform

Zea 3DXP is a secure cloud platform to create, publish, track, and update fully-interactive 3D content for after-sales product documentation.


Zea Engine is a modular 3D graphics engine SDK for software developers building 3D web applications.

Michael Smith

I'm a father of two, a proven-problem solver in many disciplines, and just trying to leave a positive impact along the way. Here's the official version: I'm an advocate for using technology to increase productivity. From my early days as an automotive technician to managing training for BRP’s Powersport division, I've always wanted to create a culture in the workplace that challenges the traditional ways of getting work done. Some call me a thought leader (others call me a pain in the butt) in the Canadian transportation industry where I like to share my passion with like-minded groups. My ideas landed me gigs as a guest speaker for the Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators (CAMPE) and the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT).

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Interactive 3D elearning Solutions for CAD: Worth the Investment?

Interactive online learning with 3D CAD models is when you reuse the 3D CAD model from engineering to create rich and realistic 3D interactive eLearning content. It enables the learner to take apart the model, spin it around, get inside it, and be...

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