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Improving Developer Experience - Zea Engine Now in TypeScript

Zea Engine, our 3D graphics SDK, has been migrated to TypeScript. This is a major change that focuses on significantly improving developer experience.

We're also taking advantage of this new release to make major changes to the docs. We switched from Docsify to Docusaurus and completely reviewed the navigation and presentation. The result is a much cleaner structure where you can navigate by content type on the top menu (Manual, API, Tutorials, Plugins, and Community) and choose the information type in the left-hand menu. 

♥ They still need some love, but now we have something solid to build on. We hope you like it!

Zea Engine docs - new look and feel with version 4.0.0

Zea Engine Version 4.0.0

TypeScript has enabled new features in the graphics engine SDK such as:

  • Convenient and typed access to parameters.
  • Statically defined materials, which allows typed access to parameters.

As with any major release, there are breaking changes. Breaking changes include:

  • The HTMLCanvas element must be nested under another DOM element without any sibling elements.
  • The variables of SceneSettings have been moved to Scene and Viewport classes.
  • VertexAttributes are now typed. Adding Vertex Attributes to geometries now requires that the user constructs the appropriate typed attribute.
  • FilePath parameters have been deprecated, instead, the ‘load’ method is used.
  • GLShader.getParamDeclarations was replaced with getMaterialTemplate getParamDeclarations would return an array of parameter descriptors, but now we return an instance of a Material from getMaterialTemplate instead.
  • The deprecated Group class was removed from the build. You must now use one of the specialized classes based on BaseGroup. e.g. SelectionSet, or KinematicGroup.

Further details on the newly added features and examples of how to use the updated API are in the Zea Engine Change Log

Zea CAD Version 4.0.1

Additionally, Zea-CAD 4.0.1 has been released. The following updates to the API include:

  • This version now requires V4.0.0 of the engine.
  • Removing Parametric Surface Evaluation from Zea-CAD. ZCAD files containing parametric surfaces are no longer supported.
  • Refactored Zea CAD to be compatible with the new TypeScript version of the engine.

The Release notes for Zea-CAD can be found here: Zea CAD Change Log

For questions or comments, check out the announcement on the community.

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