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e-Learning: Learn the Components and Reassemble a Master Cylinder

Versatility is one of the key features of Zea Engine. The master cylinder eLearning showcase demonstrates the flexibility of the SDK in four projects that show the same mechanical model being used for simulation, guided learning, parts identification, and assembly.

HubSpot Video



  • 3D CAD visualization
  • Spring simulation
  • Explode and cutaway views
  • Identify parts with multilingual labels
  • Change language on the fly
  • Assemble parts with visual clues and snapping
  • Simply change the URL to swap between each project


Live Demos

1 - SimulationFULL SCREEN


2 - Learning

Master Cylinder - Learning


3 - Identification

Master Cylinder - Identification


4 - Assembly

Master Cylinder - Assembly


Hints and Tips

  • Swap between projects to see check where labels go or how parts are assembled
  • When assembling the master cylinder green means you’re assembling the parts correctly and red means you’re not


Specifying a Language

The engine will detect the language setting of your browser and display the labels for that language. However, to explicitly set the language add the “lang” argument to the URL. For example:

You can choose between English (En), Spanish (Es), French (Fr) and Japanese (Jp).



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